We pride ourselves on the level of service we provide for our merchants.  And from time-to-time, quite often in fact, merchants express their satisfaction with our services in the form of some very flattering emails.   We have decided to share these very nice messages by creating a Testimonial Page.  Basically, we are cutting & pasting these emails exactly as received, correcting only for spelling and other typos.  We have also chosen to delete or omit the identity of the author of the email for privacy reasons.


So here goes:  Our very first “Testimonial Page” which we intend to update from this date on.


Thanks Barry for being on the ball with this.   You’re SUCH a gem (Rachel M., Los Angeles, CA)


Once again you have come through for me. Thank you (Maria O., Boynton Beach, FL)


Barry — You are amazingly generous with your time — and it’s greatly appreciated (Robin S., West Palm Beach, FL)

I really do appreciate your quick response and your sound wise counsel. You tell it straight and I like that. (Norma M. Oolteway, TN)

Thanks for your help.  I activated the account and we processed a transaction today.  Thanks for the fast turn around(Lisa F., Portland, OH)

Thanks for the great info!  I had no idea, but everything you said makes perfect sense (Web Hosting Forum)


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At AMS, small business is what it's all about. Our motto is: "Every Transaction Counts" which we take very seriously. No matter how big or small a client may be, we value each and every merchant. We invite you to become a part of our family. Please contact us to discuss the right solution for your business." Barry Godofsky President Automated Merchant Solutions, Inc.
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