Learn About Retail Merchant Account Processing

If you're like most brick and mortar businesses, your instinct for setting up your credit card processing arrangements is probably either (a) just go into my local bank and let them make the arrangements, or (b) go down the list of available processors in my area and pick the one offering the lowest rate.

Unfortunately, both of these strategies are wrong, wrong, wrong!

Did you know the LOWEST rates almost always result in the HIGHEST cost to you?

Retail merchant

Before you make either of these wrong moves, do yourself a big favor and review the sections of this site dealing with DISCOUNT RATES and TOP 10 MISTAKES. You'll learn things about credit card rates your banker will never tell you, how and where to find the best processing programs based on your specific business needs, advantages and disadvantages of different types of POS equipment, where to find the best deals on POS equipment, and much more.