Learn About Offshore and High Risk Merchant Accounts

About Offshore and International Merchant Accounts AMS delivers multicurrency merchant accounts and is a leading source of expertise for international ecommerce. We enable card-not-present merchants to reach customers in new markets worldwide with secure, easy-to-integrate global payment solutions. Our international and offshore merchant accounts provide access to more than 32 currencies in 200 countries, and a full menu of 60 country specific payment solutions. How we can help you grow your international sales?

Offshore international processors fill a very important niche for three kinds of merchants: First, for whatever reason(s) including poor credit or high-risk business types, or other reasons, many USA based merchants find it impossible to obtain a merchant account with mainstream domestic processors; their last resort is to find an offshore provider. Secondly, merchants physically located offshore, particularly in the Caribbean, Latin America and other areas, are limited to dealing with offshore providers when nothing local is available or feasible. Thirdly, for many businesses today, the market is no longer local or even regional. The market today is truly global in nature, and many businesspeople astutly recognize that if they don't tap the untold potential of consumers worldwide, their competitors will. For this reason, an offshore/international merchant account, often alongside their domestic merchant account, is a necesity.

Dealing with an offshore merchant provider does not necessarily mean the merchant needs to be gouged pricewise. The key is to find honest, dependable and forthright offshore companies among the many out there who unfortunately do not feature these attributes.

Multi currency processing is a key component for Internet merchants whose customers extend worldwide. UK Customers for instance do not care to be billed in US dollars as their bank will charge them a foreign currency exchange surcharge to the credit card transaction purchase.

About High Risk Merchant Accounts Acquiring Banks perceive many e-commerce businesses worldwide as high risk since the customer is not present to sign the credit card receipt. Furthermore, having a significant percentage of transactions initiate offshore makes chargeback protection difficult or impossible, thus increasing the perceived risk factor undertaken by the processor. Extreme trading restrictions are imposed on the merchant that ultimately leads the business owner to search for a high risk merchant account. Examples of trading practices tha lead most banks to categorise businesses as high risk include:

  • accepting credit card payment over the telephone or mail (MOTO merchants)
  • accepting credit card payments over the Internet
  • free trial offers, then recurring weekly or monthly billing
  • high price points (average transaction value over $500)
  • high volume of Internet sales (above $25,000 per month)
  • Seasonal /sporadic online sales
  • Selling to International customers
  • Hosting the credit card payment page (PCI Compliance)
  • foreign currency processing and settlement
  • certain types of product or service being sold online
  • Many new web based business applying for an online merchant account
  • Offshore company applying for a merchant account
  • Start-up Internet business
  • Merchant with a high refund rate
  • Sole trader applying for an Internet merchant account not expecting to incorporate
  • Certain business locations
  • Certain delivery terms and conditions
  • MATCH list merchant (terminated merchant file) bank closed merchant account
  • Excessive chargebacks
  • Credit card billing descriptor not disclosed to the customer
  • Refund policy of the business
  • If you wish to learn more about offshore merchant accounts, feel free to contact us and consult with a professional representative at no cost or obligation.

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