Receive industry leading commissions while providing your clients with a feature rich, secure processing solution.

Refer your clients to Automated Merchant Solutions (AMS) and receive the highest partner commission rate in the USA. While partners receive the highest commission rate in the industry, merchants receive guaranteed lowest rates in the industry plus the finest support and customer service programs in the business.. This means your clients can apply for their merchant account with complete confidence.

Our secure, feature rich processing solutions are fully comprehensive, including the merchant account, payment gateway and the latest anti-fraud tools. We include everything your clients need to securely process online transactions.

Take growing commission checks to the bank every month!

Beginning with your very first successful referral, you will begin collecting 25% of the profit earned each month from your referred merchants in recurring commissions. Every sale each one of your clients ever makes while processing with AMS, every month, for the lifetime of the account, will generate income for you as a partner.

Receive referral processing commissions for the lifetime of every account you refer. Your clients receive a payment solution from one of the USA's leading providers of merchant accounts and credit card processing.


  • Smith Web Development provides AMS with 5 clients per month who require a merchant account and credit card processing.
  • AMS helps these merchants through the entire process, including underwriting, application, setup, installation, and training.
  • Smith Web Development earns 25% of net profit in residual income monthly, based on the net trading volume and income for each merchant they have referred.
  • With an average merchant selling $25,000 monthly, the total income from residuals for each merchant is approximately $62.50 each.
  • In the first month this would equal $312.50 in residuals ($62.50 per merchant x 5 merchants).
  • After 6 months, Smith Web Development has built a portfolio of 30 live merchants averaging a monthly trading volume of $25,000 per merchant. This equals $1,875 in residual income every month.

The above example was calculated with an average merchant monthly processing volume of just $25,000. It is not uncommon for online companies to process many thousands, in some cases even millions per month. The power of residual income through the partner program is astonishing.

It is simple for the partner - we do everything!

When you join the partner program you will receive everything you need to begin making referrals - including an automatic tracking code so you can refer clients with no effort whatsoever. You will be updated any time there has been a change in your account.

  • Highest payout commissions in our industry. You earn income based on the gross processing profit of all of your clients, every month, for the lifetime of each account.
  • You can create a tremendous increase in your monthly commission checks by referring a mid or large size corporate referral. The more your clients process, the larger your commission checks will be. There is no limit placed upon your commission check. The larger your clients processing volume, the larger your commission check will be.
  • We have developed the easiest application process in the industry. We walk every merchant through the process and assist them until they go live with card processing on their website. Your clients will be approved and go live more quickly than anywhere else; and will begin generating commission income for you more quickly.
  • You must be certain when your customers apply for a merchant account that they are guaranteed to be approved or will receive their money back. When you refer a client to work with another company, their treatment reflects back upon your business. You need to be certain that your clients will receive top notch service. We work closely with our clients, and are one of the only providers in the USA to offer an industry leading 100% money back acceptance guarantee. If your client is not approved, the setup fee is fully refunded.
  • You will benefit from partnering with a company that takes pride in working closely, on a one-on-one basis with both yourself the partner, and with your clients. We know our partners on a first name basis!
  • You can refer customers with your automatic referral link, which will turn your website traffic into new and profitable income streams with absolutely zero effort.
  • Enjoy easy integration of the website to the payment gateway, with a completely customizable interface and 24/7 technical support available to both the partner and the merchant.
  • Easy approval of start-up businesses usually without rolling reserves or security deposit requirements.
  • Unparalleled solutions for corporate and high volume accounts.
  • Because we have the easiest application process in our industry, it means that your customers are more likely to apply and be approved; which generates a greater number of referrals and larger commission payments.
  • Partners of AMS receive preferential pricing for their own account. This means you can get a merchant account for your business at a reduced rate. This alone makes it worth while to join the partner program.
  • AMS is a leading provider of merchant accounts and secure credit card processing services. By displaying your status as an Accredited Partner you will immediately benefit from increased credibility and customer confidence. Your clients will know that you are working with an industry leader in the field of e-commerce and secure transaction processing.
  • Your clients can process transactions in almost any currency worldwide.
  • The Partner Program is incredibly easy to use. We make it simple to send and keep track of referrals and include everything you need.
  • You make a referral to us once, but will continue to be paid monthly, every month, for as long as your customer continues to do business. In terms of time VS benefit, for a minute worth of work, you can generate month after month of income.
  • You will be able to advertise your services to our client base by listing your company in the Partner directory.
  • We offer industry leading anti-fraud and security mechanisms including AVS and CVV2. Your customers will benefit from access to these tools as a result of your choice to work with a leader in the industry.

The Partner Program is completely free to join!

Why would you send your referrals anywhere else? By working with AMS, your customers will receive a truly unparalleled level of customer service, which has made AMS the USA's leading provider of merchant accounts and credit card processing.

There is exactly one step involved in becoming a partner of and you can complete this right now in less than 30 seconds!

Barry Godofsky, President
AMS, Inc.