Learn About Health Care Merchant Accounts

Merchant services are different for health care practitioners, including MD's, dentists, chiropractors, veterinarians and others in this field. Credit card processing for health care offices has become a highly specialized solution. This is good news for most health care providers because of their traditional lower transaction volume, lower chargaback exposure, and other factors typical to health care offices. The good news being it translates into lower rates and fees!

Health Care Merchant vs. Traditional Merchant

The challenge for health care providers is to seek out these specialized programs that are openly available to those who know where to seek them out. Unknowingly, many doctors settle for the same category of merchant account that the dry cleaner or hardware store down the street has; a very expensive mistake.

Credit card processing for typical health care providers presents different challenges and advantages than similar services for other business types. For this reason, it is almost always a mistake, not to mention much more expensive, for a healthcare provider to have the same type of credit card processing program in place as the restaurant or hardware store down the street uses.

First and foremost, average tickets are often relatively small for practitioners who process health insurance co-pays. Also, the chargeback risk for health care provider transactions is historically much less than for other business types in the eyes of the processor, which presents opportunities for significantly lower fees and rates.

Health Care Merchant vs. Traditional Merchant

For these reasons and others, a growing number of credit card processors are tailoring acceptance programs specifically designed for the unique needs of medical providers such as doctors, dentists, chiropractors, veterinarians, and so on. Contact our merchant provider professionals to help you find and evaluate them and save significant dollars for the healthcare provider in the process.

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