Why POS?

Why does your restaurant or retail business need a POS point-of-sale system?

You may not mind relying on your trusty cash register and sales ledger for your transactions because it’s affordable and reliable. But is it really the most efficient way to run your business?

A Harbortouch system is an investment and it’s important to understand the vast benefits it can bring to your business. Regardless of what industry you are in, the goal is to increase sales and generate more revenue. A Harbortouch POS can  set the groundwork for achieving those goals and many others. Here’ are just a few examples of what a POS system can do for your business.

Can I afford a professional POS system?

Believe it or not, we can arrange for a fully custom programmed Harbortouch POS System to be installed in your business for about the cost of a monthly cell phone bill!  With no money down or upfront cost whatsoever.  Our revolutionary program works just like your burglar alarm or cell phone deal–we give you the hardware for free as long as  you use and pay for the service. So if you have avoided installing a point-of-sale system in  your business because you think you can’t afford it, then you need to call Harbortouch today!

By the way, we’re talking about a robust serious professional point-of-sale hardware and software bundle, not a ‘toy’.  Your Harbortouch system will include a touchscreen monitor, an Intel based PC, a card swiper, a cash drawer, a receipt printer, a customer display pole and barcode reader (for retail systems), on-site installation and training, lifetime warranty including guaranteed replacement of defective parts, on site repair, remote back-ups, and 24/7 phone support.

Focus on your business

A Harbortouch POS system allows you to concentrate on growing the business. When you’re not worrying about how your transactions are processed, you can spend your valuable time working on new techniques, promotions, and other initiatives to take your company to the next level.

Get increased functionality

Harbortouch point-of-sale systems are more than just sophisticated cash registers. They are also time clocks, inventory systems, reporting tools, security enhancements, time-savers, and so much more.

Streamline your operations

There’s little room for error with a Harbortouch POS system. Everything is entered in clear, intricate detail so the lines of communication are always clear and accurate.  . Customers get their orders quickly and more importantly correctly which improves your staff productivity and the level of customer service you can offer.  Faster order entry and processing means more turns.  More turns means more profit for you.  And fewer order entry errors means less waste and shrinkage when incorrectly entered orders are sent back to the kitchen.

Improve inventory management

This is particularly important in food service industries where you need enough supply to serve all of your customers but don’t want perishable items to go to waste if they’re not sold. With a Harbortouch POS Fresh Sheet function, you know what’s in stock, what you’re running low on, and what your best sellers are so you can plan ahead.

Prevent shrinkage

Implementing a point of sales system keeps your staffers honest. With paper receipts and an old-fashioned cash register, the temptation will always be there to pocket a few dollars or give friends a free meal or two. A point of sales system curbs these activities  by providing an accurate account of where your merchandise (and money) are going.

Limit errors

In the food service industry, chefs having  to decipher chicken scratch from busy wait staff invariably leads to prep errors. A point of sales system allows you to key in orders, including variables and special requests (well done, hold the mayo, etc.) to decrease the chances that the order will come out wrong. You keep customers happy and save money by not having to re-cook orders and waste food.

Track costs

If you don’t have prices clearly entered in a database, you might as well let customers shop with their own pricing gun. Slapping price stickers on items makes it too easy for thieves to swap labels. With a point of sales system from Harbortouch , every item you sell is bar coded and tracked so you always know each item will sell for the right price. And if you need to make changes, you can do them all at once directly from your POS terminal.

Increase patronage

Get more customers in the door by limiting the time other customers wait in line. When customers don’t have to wait for wait staff to calculate checks, collect payment, and clear tables, you can serve more customers and generate more money.

Get robust reporting

A Harbortouch point-of-sale system allows you to do more than you could with multiple ledgers and spreadsheets. You can record, track, sort, and organize data in any format and make revisions whenever necessary. The value of reporting is such a key component to our  POS  system. It allows you to track what is sold, see what needs to be restocked and reordered, and help you plan for the next few months of business and beyond. It’s also a helpful reminder tool when supplies run low.

Obtain customer data

Build your customer loyalty and let the Harbortouch point of sales system be your guide. Every customer you will ever greet through your doors will be entered into the system when they order something. Keep tabs on what they order and how often they visit your location. Then use this data to compile information for targeted sales and advertising campaigns. This data is also helpful to limit the poor selling merchandise you keep in stock and earmark funds for more popular items. Integrated caller ID capability automates the data collection process, and is an invaluable asset to food delivery businesses.

In conclusion, a Harbortouch POS solution makes your business more efficient, your operations more profitable, and your customers happy and loyal!

How can my Point-of-Sale system help thwart theft?

Harbortouch point of sale systems provide multiple tools to stop shrinkage before it eats into your profits. Various applications allow you to track every item in your inventory so you can estimate exactly how much profit you should realize for every sale and pinpoint problems with your margins. If there are discrepancies, it will raise immediate red flags so you can address the problem head-on.

I’m not that computer savvy. Will I be able to use my Harbortouch point of sales system and its functionality?

Absolutely! We will custom program and  set up the software to do the things that you want. You’ll then be able to navigate through a series of easy to follow menus. When we install your POS system, we will provide full training with you and your staff for how to use it. And if you have a problem, a Harbortouch customer service professional is just a phone call away 24/7.  Only Harbortouch offers a lifetime replacement warranty and unlimited technical support for life at no extra charge–we’re here for you whenever you need us, no matter how often.!


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