QuickBooks® Payment Processing Plug-In

We now offer TWO solutions to merchants needing to avoid double entry by consolidating their credit card transactions into their QuickBooks software.  Our new QuickBooks Sync Lite solution is designed to be affordable to merchants who would benefit from QuickBooks integration, but have no need for the expense of the full blown QuickBooks plugin version.

Whereas our flagship QuickBooks plugin solution allows merchants to process payments directly within the plugin, our new QuickBooks Sync Lite solution focuses solely on syncing merchant transactions processed through the gateway.

Our full QuickBooks plugin program is competitively priced at a one-time $99 per license fee. Our new QuickBooks Lite solution is very affordably priced at just $5.95 monthly with a onetime $14.95 setup fee.  Both solutions require linkage to a base gateway Virtual Terminal (VT) at $9.95 monthly, $.1o per item, with a one-time $25 setup fee.   Because these systems allow users to link to any merchant account provider and are not proprietary to the very high priced Intuit merchant services, both are far more cost  effective solutions than the Intuit integration solution for most users in the long run.

The most important differentiation between the “full blown” and “lite” versions is that the full version cost is per license, i.e. per computer it’s installed on; whereas the lite version can be accessed and used (not simultaneously, of course) from any internet connected computer.

Our QuickBooks®s payment processing modules enable merchants to consolidate their Internet, mobile, and many POS credit card and check transactions together with the software most commonly used to run a business, QuickBooks® Accounting Software.

This flagship module offers real-time credit card and transaction processing from within QuickBooks® Pro, QuickBooks® Premier And QuickBooks® Enterprise, allowing merchants to process transactions and apply open invoices in one easy step.

Using the QuickBooks® Integration Module  merchants select Invoices and Enter Payment Amount To Apply. Process Real-Time Credit Card and Check Transactions Using Each Merchant’s Own Merchant Account.

Best of all, our modules are affordable.  For as little as $5.95 a month, the modules more than pay for themselves by virtue of the merchant using a generic merchant processing account instead of the high priced Intuit proprietary credit card processing solution.




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