PhoneSwipe Square-Up Alternative

Phoneswipe vs. Square

Phone Swipe:  2.69%

Square-Up:  2.75%

Phone Swipe aka “Pay Anywhere” costs less than Square.  Phone Swipe is  more secure than Square.  And best of all, Phone Swipe is a real merchant account, not an ‘aggregater’ like Square.  That means YOU control the bank account your funds are deposited into, not Square.  That’s important!

Instead of Square-up, get the real solution for real business.  Phone Swipe, from North American Bankcard, one of the largest credit card processors in the world.

Phone Swipe Overview



What’s the difference between a real merchant account and an “aggregater” like Square-Up?  You need to know.  CLICK HERE to learn more.

Have you read the Square-Up agreement they require you to sign?  CLICK HERE BEFORE you sign it.

Click here for a brief Phone Swipe Demo

NEW FOR 2016:  Phone Swipe now supports Apple AirPrint-enabled (iOS only) or Star Bluetooth printers (iOS only) and select cash drawers.  Call 1-877-689 1691 or email for details and pricing.

Still have questions?  Call 1-877-689-1691 or Contact Us here.

Ditch the dongle!  Don’t shortchange yourself with Square-Up.  Save money and get better service with Phone SwipeApply today!

LIMITED TIME OFFER–Interested in a complete Phone Swipe based retail point-of-sale system, including a completely free no-strings tablet unit? Cut expenses and boost profits by accepting all major credit card types (including American Express) at a low 1.79% with no per item fees! Learn more.

All merchant accounts are referred to, and all services provided by, North American Bancard, a registered ISO/MSP of HSBC Bank USA National Association, Buffalo, NY


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