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Secure Cloud Point-Of-Sale Transaction Processing Service is an ideal fit for small to medium size businesses of all kinds who would benefit from the tools and versatility of a bundled POS system, but cannot justify the hefty price tag (not to mention ongoing costs) of anything approaching a semi-serious configuration.

Our Java Point-Of-Sale software for Windows®-based PC’s and Laptops enables merchants to securely process credit, PIN debit, check, gift card and loyalty transactions.  Merchants receive real-time responses from cardholders issuing banks, and batches are automatically settled every day.

Why Cloud?

Investing in a physical bundled POS system is a lot like buying a car.  The initial major monetary investment isn’t the end–in fact, it’s just the beginning. Just as expenditures like insurance,  repairs, maintenance, gasoline and so forth never cease for the auto owner, the same is true with physical POS bundles.   Costly mandatory PCI mandated software and system upgrades, after warranty maintenance and repairs and/or service contract costs, pay-per-call  technical support sessions, and so on, often more than double the initial cost of a physical point-of-sale bundle after just a few years.  This is NOT the case with Cloud based POS–costly system and software mandatory upgrades are normally the responsibility of the provider, not the user.  And because the PC and printers are generic over the counter instead of proprietary units as is the case with most POS bundles, repair and/or replacement is readily available at a fraction of the cost.


Set up your cloud POS your way.  Pay for only what you need,  not for dozens of useless buttons and whistles found on physical POS bundles you don’t want and don’t use, yet are forced to pay for.   Set up your cloud POS with some, all, or none of the following:

  • Cash drawer
  • Credit card swiper
  • Inventory Plug-ins
  • QuickBooks plug-ins
  • much more

Software Highlights

  • Credit and PIN Debit
  • Manually Keyed or Swiped
  • Signature Capture
  • Check Processing
  • Gift Card and Loyalty
  • Customizable Receipts
  • Add logos, coupons, promos, etc.
  • EMail Receipts
  • Use Windows®-compatible printers
  • Save paper
  • Environmentally friendly

Merchant Benefits

  • Replace traditional terminals
  • Less counter space required
  • More cost-effective
  • Manager/Clerk controls
  • Track sales by clerk
  • Limit ability to accept refunds and voids
  • Multi MID/Merchant Capability
  • (Great for doctor’s offices, hair salons
  • owners of multiple business units)
  • Separate reporting
  • Use existing Internet connection
  • No phone line required
  • Combine with other solutions
  • (QuickBooks®, Wireless processing, inventory, receiving, etc.)

To learn more about Cloud POS, call us at 1-877-689-1691, email or CLICK HERE

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